Monday, September 29, 2008

Thinking Halloween Costumes

Well, it seems that every magazine has been advertising halloween costumes. The girls were going to wear one of their many Disney Princess dresses. Then the Pottery Barn Kids catalog came in the mail. There in the costume section was the one they couldn't possibly live without.

A peacock. It is beautiful! I would love to have it for them. However, it is on SALE for $94.99....and I need two. No way that is happening.

So, I set my wheels a turnin' and came up with an alternate plan.
I bought long sleeved unitards off of ebay in a deep purple color. I have also purchased some sheets of 100% Wool Felt in various colors to make the feather ends and head pieces. I will have to wait until I get those to do much more, but here is a preview of the skirt.I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Feathery and very easy! (Notice my new antique dress form who is modeling it. I love her!)
So, needless to say, I didn't do the sewing that I needed to do this weekend. I will be doing that tonight and tomorrow and the next day and the next....

I will be at the Princeton Christian Reformed Church craft show on October 11 from 9-3. You can drop by to see the new line in person and to make special orders for aprons.

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Sarah said...

hello, i made my daughter this same costume and i am trying to figure out how to replicate their round treat bags to match. i am totally stumped, i googled "pottery barn peacock costume" and a link to your blog appeared. if you have any hints on how to make a round treat bag, i'd appreciate it!
thanks, sarah
sb227 at hotmail dot com