Monday, September 15, 2008

More Inspiration

If only I had about 10 more hours each day. These things would be on by list of things to make.

This awesome door decoration for fall. I can't find the link to where it came from. If anyone knows, comment and I will add it.

Sandi Henderson's awesome children's messenger bag. Claire would love to have another bag for school.

Blank board books! Yes, you heard me correctly...Blank Board Books! How much fun could these be? Have your child write and illustrate their own books. Stories for Grandpa and Grandma, for a friend's birthday... the possibilities are endless!

A couple of things from Heather Bailey. First, the adorable strawberry pincushion. Then her beautiful couch-flower. Both are great ways to use little scraps of material.

I have actually started a few things....I'll be sure to post pics when they are finished.

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