Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coco's Senior Pictures

Courteney's senior picture gallery is up. There are some wonderful shots. Feel free to weigh in on your favorite.

They will be up until Monday night. Be sure to check them out before then.

Marybeth is an excellent photographer and she captured Coco really well.


Amy V.S. said...

Ok...GORGEOUS! Makes me want to book another session with Mary Beth right now! :-)

Pics for senior pics would be..'
#3 b/w, #7 color, #17 either, #36 color, #48 color. Pictures that are more artistic/cool #5&6, #21.

All great!

Anonymous said...

Awwww:) Can't believe my Cutney is all grown up. I always knew that she was so beautiful, but now it's so evident in black and white and color. Nice job Cutney.
My picks are the first 10 and #41 LOVE IT!!!! that could be a CD Music cover or in a magazine for sure.
Good luck picking them. I hope you get ALL of the proofs.
Love You Guys Tons!