Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Up North

One last hoorah up north for the year. The girls were in the lake for hours on end, we had camp fires, made smores, and read lots of books. Since the girls took swimming lessons, they are little fish. Claire tested out every pair of goggles in the swimming toy box. Lilly, on the other hand, will not put her face in the water. She will play in the water, but not get her eyes in. So, if Papa is around, she has her own "transportation."
I made progress on another project this weekend. Claire is loving the "cool cold lunch." I am looking for new things to include in the lunches. I decided to make zucchini mini muffins. I thought I could sneak in some veggies where she would least expect them. She saw the batter and wondered what the green stuff was. I told her zucchini and she didn't say much. They turned out great! They didn't take a lot of time and one batch of batter made 48 mini muffins. Much more cost effective and healthy than the store bought ones.
Here are the girls baking with Mimi.I whipped up the aprons for the girls on Saturday night. They have a playhouse where they play restraunt all of the time. They can keep these up at Mimi's and use them to play or bake.
All in all a very good weekend. Now, back to the real world and the fall schedule.

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