Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls Club

Our girls are very into making forts and playing in tents. They love their playhouse at Papa and Mimi's house and seem to enjoy making spaces their own.
They have been asking for us to build them a Girl's Club fairly regularly. We pile up pillows and drape sheets and then they play. But, inevitably, it falls down and we need to rebuild several times. This frustrates Claire and she asked for a tent or play hut. I looked in the store and online, but they were around $50. I didn't really want to spend that much.
So, I took the hula hoop that Aunt Marcia made and draped it with fabric. Then I made some decorative flags and a Girl's Club sign and we are in business!
I did all of this while the girls were in bed last night. This morning they got up and went downstairs and saw the new club. I heard a lot of excited screaming and Lilly yelled "Mom, you are AWESOME!" It is all worth it. Especially since they have played in it for several hours already.

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Deborah- said...

I agree with Lilly! This is really clever. I love the colorful flags and the tie backs. After looking at this creation and looking back at some of your other projects I think you are awesome too.

BTW, I swear I saw a "handbag by Jen" at the San Diego Wild Animal Park this summer. I was seated with my granddaughters for the Billions of Bubbles show and a lady walked by carrying what I thought was one of your bags. I was going to approach her to find out after the show but once the billions of bubbles were released the girls began popping away and my eyes were on them. But I swear it was one of your bags! I love mine, but alas it is on loan to Emily for her new baby boy. She so loved hers but after two children she wanted something new and fresh for this child and wouldn't have any other bag. Hmm that gives me an idea, maybe I should order her her own so that I can get mine back!

Love ya Jen.